In this first episode of Pushing Truth we make a little pre event check up on the greatness of the amazing and overly talented band ”Mellowmen” in their rehearsal studio, The ambition of Pushing Truth is in a great sense presented in this Video, this might be more obvious for viewers in future videos.

Well I like these guys very much and I Im stoked to have them play Live @Boneless Open the 31th of may.

So stoked about the lineup on stage! Purslane, Mellowmen & Dustrats Don´t forget to share this event with your good friends!
Jag är jäkligt stokad över Lineupen på scen! Purslane, Mellowmen & Dustrats Glöm inte att dela eventet gott folk det kommer blir en så himla dag o kväll i Forshaga, funderar ni på något tveka inte att kontakta oss

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