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Was flipping thru the pages of Tommies photographic blog and was truly filled by calmness, such calmness only the true beauty of our nature can give us, Im talking pretty much specifically about our nature around here in Wermland, it … Continue reading

My man David Hummel have given us another parkedit Thank u for that, Nylen, Räkan and others with jolly good pushes, pushes along. Malevant from David Hummel on Vimeo.

Stoked on this , the filmographic scene in this hometown of mine is pretty calm because of this im extra stoked on Jocke putting his camera out there, extra stoked because I know he is a superhardcore skater and will … Continue reading

It´s so great to see this guy skate, giving his life to skateboarding, much respect. thanks to Azul for putting clips like this one out there . /P